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As described in the video demonstration, "eBay Keyword Sniper Pro" will help you beat your eBay competition and put you on the FIRST PAGE OF eBay search results for all of your listings!!! Now you'll know exactly which keywords to put in your listings because "eBay Keyword Sniper Pro" will tell you exactly which keywords are EASIEST to rank for!!! You WILL NOT have to wonder anymore which keywords to put in your eBay titles & descriptions or which type of products that you need to build/design because this POWERFUL SOFTWARE will tell you exactly what keywords/products to optimize for!!!

"eBay Keyword Sniper Pro" gives you an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over other eBay competitors because they WILL NOT have the same keyword insights that you will have after using this POWERFUL piece of software!

This software will find the BEST keywords to use for your eBay listings so that you will show up on the FIRST PAGE of eBay search results & ALWAYS keep you ABOVE your eBay competitors! You will LITERALLY leave your eBay competitors wondering how you came onto the scene & stole ALL of the ATTENTION from eBay Buyers!!!

If you've been struggling to get VIEWS or TRAFFIC to your eBay listings, then this software will be PERFECT for you! This is EXACTLY what you're going to need to get these eBay BUYERS to see your listings & BUY your products!!! Now YOU have the POWER to INCREASE both VIEWS & SALES by using "eBay Keyword Sniper Pro"!!! No more wondering which keywords are BEST to use & place in your eBay listings! This software takes the HARD WORK out of eBay SEO & makes the process a FUN learning experience!!!

Keyword Research & Keyword Competition Module!

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This video shows you how you can quickly collect keywords from the eBay search engine, how you can quickly & EASILY find the monthly search volume from the Google Adwords Keyword Planner data, how you can discover what eBay buyers/shoppers are searching for, and how you can see the BROAD & EXACT amount of competitors who are targeting specific keyword phrases.

Analyze TOP-Ranking Competitors on 1st Page of eBay Search Results!

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This video will show you how to analyze the TOP 10, 20, 30, 40, OR 50 competitors who are ranking on the 1st page of eBay search results, using eBay Keyword Sniper Pro!

Using eBay Keyword Sniper Pro to analyze the TOP-RANKING competitors makes the entire process VERY QUICK & EASY to do! Just let the software do the tedious time-consuming work for you!

Start out-ranking your competitors to begin DOMINATING your niche on eBay today!!!

'HOT Items Finder' Module Built-in!
Comes With Built-in Filter Option!

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This video shows you a quick demonstration of how you can very EASILY find the HOTTEST items to sell on eBay using the 'HOT Item Finder' module that is built-in to eBay Keyword Sniper Pro!

You no longer have to wonder or worry about what you should be selling on eBay because the software does the time-consuming work & research for you, to reveal the HOTTEST items to sell on eBay.

The software thoroughly scans your competitors on eBay to show you what items are selling best for your competitors.

You can very EASILY create your own private reports that have insights on your eBay competitors & keep track of what items that are selling best for them! Knowing this information will help you to find which HOT items you could sell as well and out-perform your competition!

eBay Keyword Sniper Pro gives you LIVE UPDATES on your competitors & shows you the HOT items that they're selling!

Yes, you can even generate your own HOT items report to keep track of the HOTTEST items on eBay for ANY niche/market!
Features: Benefits:
Quickly collect THOUSANDS of targeted keywords for your own niche/market, directly from the eBay search engine! Gain insights on what eBay buyers/shoppers are searching for to find your products! This helps you to quickly INCREASE SALES!
Collect monthly search volume from the Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool! This shows you what popular searches are being performed for each keyword in Google so that you can get traffic from Google as well!
Gain insights on how many competitors are targeting specific keyword phrases! This helps you to better understand what keywords will have less competition when you target each keyword!
Quickly analyze the TOP-RANKING competitors who are currently ranking on the 1st page of eBay search results using the 'Analyze TOP-Ranking Competitors' module! This gives you access to DEEP competitors analysis & insights that your other eBay competitors will NOT have access to!
Quickly generate reports on the TOP-RANKING competitors so that you can keep track of your competition! This enables you to save & track what is happening in your niche/market as far as the strength of your competition goes! Now you will be able to remember which keywords you CAN & CANNOT rank for!
Import your own custom keywords to quickly scan the competition! Give you more flexibility with the keywords that you choose to target for your own niche!
A right-click option to quickly search multiple search engines such as: Google, Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Alibaba, BizRate, PriceGrabber, YouTube, & more! This enables you to quickly find the same products on these other websites in your default web browser & on the fly!
GET FREE FULL LIFE-TIME SOFTWARE UPDATES! No more being charged for newer updated versions of the software like other companies will try to charge you for!
Use the 'HOT Items Finder' module to quickly discover what products are selling at HIGH RATES for your competitors! This NEW module enables you to gain DEEP INSIGHTS on what's working for your competitors so that you won't have to wonder or worry about what items to list and sell on eBay! This will improve your overall product sales because you will be selling HOT ITEMS in no time!
Quickly generate reports for the HOTTEST ITEMS that are selling on eBay in ANY niche/market! This enables you to save & track what is selling at HIGH RATES on eBay! Now you can keep track by using your reports!
POWERFUL RIGHT-CLICK options to quickly gain even more insights on your competitors, recent sells/transaction, amount of followers, when they joined eBay ('member since')! You will be able to quickly use the right-click options to gain insights about them, but they won't be able to have the same about you!
The ability to request your own custom FEATURES! Allows you to add your own ideas & gain more flexibility to match your own product features criteria!

There is NO other software on the market where you can make just a ONE-TIME payment & receive FREE LIFETIME UPDATES like you can with eBay Keyword Sniper Pro!

New FEATURES are CONSTANTLY being added to the software per customers requests! That's right! You can request your own custom features and if the same request is made more than once, the NEW feature will be added to the software for FREE! So if you have any NEW FEATURES & IDEAS that you would like to add to the software, you can make a request after your payment!

If you're really SERIOUS about increasing both VIEWS & SALES on eBay or if you want to gain more insights on your competitors to discover which items are HOT SELLERS so that you no longer have to wonder or worry about which items to sell on eBay, then you are DEFINITELY going to need eBay Keyword Sniper Pro to gain the advantage that will put you ahead of your eBay competitors!


*NOTE* Software can be run on a Macintosh iOS using virtualization software such as;
Parallels, WineBottler, Boot Camp, etc., etc..

So what are you waiting for? Throw eBay Keyword Sniper Pro into the cart so that you can gain niche/market INSIGHTS & begin DOMINATING your eBay competition today!

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eBay Keyword Sniper Pro - Keyword Competition Analyzer Module!
eBay Keyword Sniper Pro - TOP 10, 20, 30, 40, OR 50 Analyzer Module!
eBay Keyword Sniper Pro - HOT Item Finder Module!

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